About us

Portrait and Objectives of the ARE

  • Our association was established in 1995 to fight injustice and violations of property rights subsequent to the German reunification.
    We represent hundreds of thousands of victims who had been expropriated in East Germany under Soviet occupation and the former East German regime.
    The original owners and inheritors believe that the refusal to return their property or pay adequate compensation has serious implications on the rule of law in Germany today.
    Europe should join all democratic voices in support of restoring the lost property without any conditions.

  • ARE has proved by extensive research that during the reunification procedure not only the German public was misled by false official statements.
    In order to retain the property gained from former private and corporate owners to the benefit of the State, the German government did not hesitate to quote distorted facts - even before the Supreme Court of Germany.
  • Meanwhile ARE applied to the European Court in Luxembourg to stop the German government selling subsidised farmland in former East German territory to selected and privileged buyers only,
    thus discriminating against the legal rights of all potential European competitors.
  • The continuous ARE campaigning for basic democratic and property rights was rewarded with a wide reputation.
    Several organisations representing former victims of persecution meanwhile joined our alliance.
    Support came also from several parties of joining EU member states.
    The people of former communist countries in particular learnt from their own sorrowful experiences:
    There is no freedom without property rights. Or to explain it to people not concerned so far - stolen property was always a significant characteristic of dictatorship.

  • To complete our objectives and court cases we would appreciate your personal support.
    Please apply for further information and membership in our association.
    If you live in United States or Canada ask for the nearby address of our Focus Group.